The World Walker Chronicles is a series of stories about various worlds in the WWC Multiverse. Each Story is a set campaign and can be played under Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e. WWC has not preset world to start on as long as the setting is acceptable a new world can be part of the series. WWC is free form and can be adapted into any world and any setting given the circumstances. Characters of any story of any world can be integrated into the collections of characters in the WWC Multiverse provided they follow statistical data and approval from admins.

World Walker Chronicles provides a baseline for world writing and 


WWC s set in different timelines with different governing powers in each the current age is the sixth age, and only some campaigns will allow access to earlier ages. it is ill advised for new players to try earlier ages. 

Age spans are in eons given the vast amount of worlds and the total entropy of each and therefor last for many many eons. B.Y. stands for "Before Yggdrasil" A.Y. stands for after Yggdrasil.

Age Time
The First Age 0 - 1730 Eon B.Y.
The Second Age 1820 - 4400 Eon B.Y.
The Third Age 4401 - 13522 Eon A.Y.
The Fourth Age 13523 - 73021 Eon A.Y.
The Fifth Age 73021 - 101673 Eon A.Y.
The Sixth Age 73021 - Present Eon A.Y. 

The various world of the WWC universe are just pockets of existence the which Yggdrasil maintains these world pockets as different universes. 

Universes will contain however planes and are easier to travel then to shift planes.


WWC Universe are unique in that they are governed by two distinct entities namely the Overmind in charge of recycling worlds into new worlds and protecting Yggdrasil and a Trickster to keep them all interesting, the overmind was tasked to rrecycle the worlds upon ending and the trickster to ensure that entropy and change ould naturally occur.

Other beings include the Star Gods, Archons and Ancients with different functions each. Star Gods nurture worlds and ensure that there are habitable worlds for various creatures to live in while Archons gover over the natural flow of all laws of the multiverse and ensure that time and space are kept in check, while ancients record the vast histories of all worlds.

The entities born of the world tree are the beings which govern and keep things in balance being impartial to the nature of the worlds they watch over. They are for the most part unless given special circumstances forbidden to take part in the actions of mortals and immortals alike.

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